Lorazepam Abuse Side Effects

Lorazepam Abuse Side Effects Lorazepam is broadly categorized in the class of drugs called benzodiazepines. Although these drugs are prescribed for the treatment of various health conditions, they present serious unwanted effects especially if they are taken in high dosages and for continuous periods of time. Sometimes the side-effects ....

Lorazepam Abuse Treatment

Lorazepam Abuse Treatment There are various ways of treating the abuse of lorazepam. The common goal of such treatments is to help the client to reduce the usage of the drug while minimizing the withdrawal symptoms as far as possible. The most suitable approach to treatment is dependent on the level of lorazepam dependency and also the personal interests of the patient. In some cases, the treatment consists in help....

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Lorazepam Abuse

Lorazepam is a drug that is used for various purposes. It is sometimes used as a sedative in patients who are recipients of medical ventilation. It is however, not recommended for use in patients who are critically ill because propofol has been found to have better effects and results.

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